Collectible Lone Ranger

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Unlike other collectible memorabilia, many fans of Lone Ranger and Tonto  collect their vintage film clips, not for investment purposes, but solely for the pure enjoyment of watching movies of their cowboy heroes in action.

Many of these western cinema adventures where transfered over into VHS videos during the 1980's and 90s. Then with the arrival of digital electronics, DVDs became the collecting medium. Today vintage Lone Ranger movie enthusiasts can acquire multiple episodes on a single disc and often a whole library of the Hollywood masked cowboy and his Indian companion action in a single box.

However, now that some of the vintage original films are becoming rare and somewhat collectible, savvy Lone Ranger collectors know that on line auctions can be, by far, the single best place to locate them. You can buy specially selected Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger and Jay Silverheels as Tonto collectible movies, films, videos and DVDs at discount and bargain prices at the listings below.

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